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Bermuda Triangle

Each round calls out a designated number or area to hit. They are Round 1- 12 Round 2- 1 Round 3- 14 Round 4- Double (any) Round 5- 15 Round 6-16 Round 7- 18 Round 8- Triple (any) Round 9- 18 Round 10-19 Round 11- 20 Round 12- Bull’s-eye Round 13- Double Bull’s-eye

Points are accumulated by any segment of the designated number for each round. For example: In the first round a player must hit a 12. A single 12 = 12 points, a double 12 = 24 points, and a triple 12 = 36 points. In round 4 a player can choose any double, (all three darts can hit a different double and score), and in round 8 a player can choose any triple. If a player misses the designated number or area with all three darts in any round, the player's total score is cut in half. The winner is the player with the highest score. 

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