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Big 6

This game allows players to challenge their opponents to hit the targets of their choice. However, players must earn the chance of picking the next target for their opponent by making a hit on the current target first.

Single 6 is the first target to hit when the game begins. Player 1 tries to hit a single 6 in 3 darts. He will lose a life when he fails. Player 2 will shoot for the single 6 that player 1 missed. If he can hit the target in the first 2 darts, the last dart will be used to determine the new target for next player. At this moment, on the appropriate Arachnid Electronic Dart Board, the text screen will display "CHOOSE NEXT TARGET". The same rule is applied to the following darts. Singles, doubles and triples are all separate targets for this game.

The object of the game is to force your opponent into losing lives by selecting tough targets for your opponent to hit such as "Double Bull’s-eye" or "triple 20". The last player with a life left is the winner.

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